Since 1995, Consulting Matrix has worked with hundreds of clients in government, business, and community organizations, supporting them to set direction, establish structures and processes that work, evaluate policies and programs, and collaborate with employees, stakeholders, and partners.

With empathy, clarity and directness, Consulting Matrix helps clients across Canada to achieve long-lasting results. We bring expertise, knowledge and leadership to each project, and our clients appreciate our optimistic and effective approach.

La Consulting Matrix est fière d’offrir ses services aux clients en français aussi bien qu’en anglais.

De la recherche documentaire jusqu’aux consultations auprès des intervenants, nous avons la capacité parmi nos partenaires et associés de vous servir.

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What's New…

Advance the Conversation

Advance the Conversation

We are very pleased to join with Intersect International as hosts of a series of discussions with women in business, the media, the arts and philanthropy. Together we will consider what the future holds for women's leadership. We imagine a world in which women are appreciated, recognized and valued as leaders, and if we talk about it, and turn that talk into action, we know we can work with you to make it so.

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