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Consulting Matrix has provided strategic, solution-based advice and tools to decision-makers across Canada since 1995. We offer services and tools to support organizational effectiveness, strategic and business planning, and relationship management. Our success is built on the know-how and creativity of a group of professionals with extensive leadership and operational management experience.

We work with private, public and not-for-profit organizations, allowing us to observe first-hand how the challenges faced by each sector — and the solutions — are increasingly similar. The public sector is adopting "business-like" practices as it becomes more accountable for the use of tax dollars to deliver services to the public. The private sector is initiating new forms of market engagement and seeks innovative ways to involve its customers and shareholders, areas in which public and not-for-profit organizations have traditionally excelled. Matrix consultants adapt best practices developed in one sector for effective use in another.

Clients rely on our disciplined approach to the examination and improvement of structural underpinnings, working relationships, and performance. Clients choose Consulting Matrix not only because of our skills and experience, but also because of our empathy, clarity in the face of complexity, and directness.

Consulting Matrix provides consulting advice at all levels: we have advised Managers, Directors, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers; CEOs; Chairs of Boards of Directors and community leaders. We have worked within the context of a single Branch or Department, and on projects that span several Ministries or reach outside of government to encompass the efforts of many partner organizations.

Our professionals have acquired their skills and knowledge through a combination of education and experience. Our team includes MBAs and a CMA, a former Executive Coordinator in Cabinet Office and a former General Manager of a Symphony Orchestra. Collectively, we have worked at every level of government, in every cluster of the government of Ontario and in every area of arts and culture (visual arts, performance, broadcasting, museums, etc.). Our associates continue to develop their skills through ongoing professional development.

We help clients identify unique success factors in their present situation that will propel them towards their goals. Challenges are met with solutions that emerge from answering the question "where did you do it right?", rather than "where did you go wrong?"