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Tool Box

Our mission is to help each client organization to achieve its vision. Consulting Matrix brings a full suite of tools to any situation.

Research and Analysis

Decision-makers need high quality information, presented clearly. Consulting Matrix conducts:

  • Environmental scans
  • SWOT analyses
  • Cross-jurisdictional comparisons
  • Best practice inventories
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Needs assessments
  • Gap analyses
  • Competitive analyses
  • Program evaluation

We present each of them clearly and succinctly to help you create your vision of the future and establish your plan to achieve it.

Consultation Design

Consultation is an essential element of the planning process. It is also part of relationship management. Consulting Matrix specializes in personal interviews and round table conversations that allow participants to hear and learn from one another while providing useful information to the client. Our consultation processes often involve combinations of one-one interviews, small focus groups, round tables with 15-20 participants, and large group meetings. We also have associates who are skilled in the design and interpretation of the best survey tools.

Relationship Management

Every organization has stakeholders and every organization needs to be conscious of how it manages its relationships. From casual encounters through customer service and information sharing to partnership and teamwork, we have specific tools to help you identify, understand and work with all of your external stakeholders.


Consulting Matrix consultants are trained in one or more facilitation techniques, including Solutions Focus, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology.


Consulting Matrix has developed unique courses, tailored to the needs of busy professionals, volunteers and leaders, in the areas of:

Consulting Matrix also develops training based on your strategic plan. We conduct needs assessments, gather the relevant material and apply the best practices of adult learning methodology to the development of training courses for your team to ensure they have the skills and understanding they need to achieve your goals. (We can also recommend off-the-shelf training where that is a more efficient solution.)