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Aboriginal Relations Training

Consulting Matrix provides customized Aboriginal Relations training. Our approach is participant-centred and interactive — group exercises, case studies, Q's and A's. We design modules to address your unique needs and each program is customized to meet the knowledge and skill requirements of your team.

Our introductory course provides the foundation upon which more specialized training and coaching can be built. Participants leave with a fresh perspective and resource information for future reference. Content is focused on the sector that you work in and teams are supported to develop new options and approaches to engage in Aboriginal relations successfully.

Training Session Sample Outline: Introduction to Aboriginal Relations

Why history matters
  • Indigenous cultures and traditions before contact with Europeans
  • The early relationships between indigenous communities and the first European settlers
  • The nature and intent of treaties between First Nations and the Crown
  • Canada's Aboriginal policies from the early Indian Act to the present day
  • The legacy of historical relationships
Aboriginal and treaty rights
  • The legal processes that contribute to the definition and protection of Aboriginal and treaty rights
  • The nature and scope of specific rights as they have been defined and recognized thus far
  • The obligations of the Crown to accommodate these rights
First Nations and Métis Communities today
  • Governance and organization
  • Political and service organizations
  • Demographics
  • Priorities
Effective engagement
  • Basic principles
  • Effective practices for initiating and building relationships
  • Learning from case studies and the experience of others

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