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Organizational Effectiveness

In these times of tremendous change and uncertainty, organizations rely on effective leadership, strong values and sound strategic thinking. Consulting Matrix is a recognized leader in change management at the intersection of the public and private sectors. We work with you to help your management team reach their goals through sound leadership, strategic solution-development, and successful implementation.

We provide support to:

  • Newly appointed leaders
  • Executive teams in search of new strategies
  • Managers who wish to upgrade their tools, processes or approaches in order to improve results, and
  • Decision-makers who are seeking ways to better meet their clients or customer needs.

We also assist "virtual" organizations to operate effectively, including project teams, partnerships and alliances that cross traditional organizational boundaries.

Our consultants start by building an understanding of the unique challenges, strengths and behavioural culture of your organization. They apply their skills, tools and experience to help your management team explore solutions — identifying existing strengths and resources that can propel your organization toward success.

At Consulting Matrix we offer more than "off the shelf" advice. We are committed to successful implementation. We provide a wide range of techniques and services including coaching, negotiation support, training and support for stakeholder engagement.