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Program Evaluation and Performance Management

The Matrix team is well-versed in standard assessment methodologies and customizes them to address the needs of our clients. We listen carefully to ensure we understand the situation, conduct research and evidence-based analysis, and assist the client to develop a strategy based on the results. We have strengths in the following areas:

  • Financial information systems, processes and decision-making
  • Results Based Planning (RBP)
  • Alternative Financing and Alternative Service Delivery
  • Management of regulatory agencies and administrative tribunals
  • Policy approvals and decision-making
  • Transfer payment and grant program administration

We understand that assessments, evaluations, and process improvements are never carried out in a vacuum. We work well with multiple stakeholders to achieve support and understanding of the project and the desired outcomes.

Experience and Qualifications:

Some examples of our work in these areas:

Needs Assessment:

At Cancer Care Ontario, we conducted a Needs Assessment regarding cancer care and treatment from the perspective of the highly diverse Aboriginal communities in Ontario. The project team conducted original research using questionnaires and group meetings and analyzed the results using a qualitative data analysis program. The relevant research literature was also surveyed and an annotated bibliography was produced. The combination of qualitative and quantitative data identified gaps in health care services and medical treatment, literature and research and has been used to support policy and program development. The Report has provided a research tool for academic researchers and a resource for the community and has been acknowledged as ground-breaking in North America.

We conducted a comparative review of literature on Alternate Education, Strict Discipline and Safe Schools in Ontario, Canada and internationally to determine the impact of the programs on students in elementary and secondary schools; determine their successes and challenges during implementation and to develop proposals for changes to Ontario's existing program. The project was completed under conditions of strict confidentiality. Research was conducted using a variety of media, including the internet, published documents, meetings and telephone interviews. We delivered a comprehensive information session to the Ministry on the project results.

Implementation/Process Evaluation:

On behalf of one ministry, we conducted a Business Process Review of the Province's major financial and business processes. We mapped out current processes and identified those requiring revision once IFIS was in place; evaluated how well existing processes met government controllership requirements; reviewed the IFIS process and identified gaps between existing processes and the new expectations. Despite the decentralized structure of the client Ministry and the lack of prior documentation, we were able to ensure that all relevant areas were identified and that the staff who knew the processes best were available to participate in the review. We used a facilitation model to bring together the key people to provide input, to ensure accuracy in the business maps and to develop recommendations for process improvement. The results were directly used to make the necessary changes for a smooth transition to IFIS.

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