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Stakeholder and Relationship Management

To ensure the success of a complex project or change initiative, you must address the interests and concerns of everyone who has a stake in the outcome.

Consulting Matrix has a solid track record for helping clients assess and manage complex and difficult relationships, such as:

  • the management of contentious public issues
  • the development of new alliances
  • the rehabilitation of partnerships
  • the facilitation of organizational change

Beyond that, we can help you manage and respond strategically within a multi-stakeholder landscape. Consulting Matrix has built special expertise in facilitating the success of relationships between groups and organizations in different sectors.

At Consulting Matrix we understand that relationship management happens at the level of the individual; we facilitate the creation of solutions that arise from the experience and successes of each member of the team. We ensure that newly created strategies are well understood, and that result measures are identified for both immediate and longer-term relationship management.

Our consultants provide a wide range of techniques and services including:

  • environmental scans or strategic assessments of your internal and external relations;
  • stakeholder analysis, including customized strategies to work with each group
  • support for the development of multi-party agreements, bi-lateral relationships or institutional agreements among associations or groups of stakeholders
  • cost-effective and strategic tools and processes that keep people involved.