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Strategic and Operational Planning

Success can be measured by how well everyone working in a project understands the project goals and how to achieve them. Consulting Matrix can work with you engage in effective, results-based planning that will resonate through your organization. We provide tools, advice and facilitation that bring both creativity and rigor to your planning processes.

Strategic Planning provides a road map to success. Matrix consultants will support your management team to clarify organizational vision and mission, assess external and internal environments, and establish priorities. We work with people at all levels — boards, executives, management, stakeholders — to develop strategies that link corporate priorities to day-to-day operations.

Operational Planning focuses on implementation. We assist your project teams to design activities and outputs that will support strategic priorities, and to align to financial and human resources to produce results.

Sound Project Planning lays the foundation for project success. At Consulting Matrix we offer proven project planning advice to help your project team clarify the purpose and objectives of the project, identify stakeholder needs and expectations and balance these expectations within the working realities of structure, budget, resources and time.