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Public Sector

Karen Wishart, Judy Wolfe and Consulting Matrix have been advising governments at the federal, provincial and municipal levels for more than a decade. Both Karen and Judy were also previously employed by the federal and provincial governments for many years.

As public servants, both Karen and Judy were fortunate to have careers in which they were exposed to the machinery of government from many perspectives. They have worked in central agencies as well as in line Ministries, in policy development and program delivery. They had opportunities to gain perspective about central decision-making and the necessity of seeing the big picture and the long view. They also could see the impact of decisions on the people who implemented them or otherwise lived with the consequences. They have great sensitivity to the unique culture of government, with its balance of expertise and authority between the political and the executive. They have an affinity for the smart, capable, committed people who work in government.

The Partners and Associates of Consulting Matrix have developed particular knowledge and understanding of some of the main clusters of government activity: the justice system; stewardship of natural resources; education and training; employment and economic development; and infrastructure and its financing. They have also developed their skills in stakeholder relations when engaged in consultations, negotiations and communications between Ministries, across jurisdictions, with external partners and with the public.

Both Karen and Judy worked in Cabinet Office for the Government of Ontario. Karen's final role as a public servant was Manager of Change and Transition, Health Canada. Before leaving government to join Consulting Matrix, Judy was Director of the Economic Development and Partnerships Branch of the Ontario Women's Directorate.